How and Why To Use Systems In Your Home Staging Business




Use the first three months to set up the systems in your business. "Systems set your creativity free." (Bobbie McGrath). Systems provide a wonderful foundation for being prepared for consultations. 

In this video, award winning home stagers Bobbie McGrath and Tracey McLeod discuss the importance of SYSTEMS in your home staging business. 

You become MAGIC when you have the solution to the problems behind the client's front door. Find your NICHE. Be very specific and clear about your service offering. Specialise in the things you enjoy. Do not stop learning and raising the bar in your business.

Large and small businesses can co-exist in every market. Use systems to manage client expectations and for better conflict resolution. 

Your systems will move into your business marketing and service delivery and make you a better home stager.

Watch the whole video to learn more about SYSTEMS for your home staging business. Keep it simple, keep it clean, keep it lean!



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