Why the two-hour consultation is essential for every occupied family home seller



Most people don't know what to look for when selecting a home stager to help them prepare and present their home for sale. Unsuspecting home sellers can be leaving money on the table at sale. 

Award Winning Home Stager Tracey McLeod explains why the two-hour consultation is essential for every occupied family home seller who wants to make top dollar at sale.

Tracey has been asked why home sellers should pay for a home staging consultation. She viewed hundreds and hundreds of open homes over a seven year period to learn which areas of the home will bring top dollar at sale. 

Here she discusses:

  • The difference between decorators, designers and stylists. They are not the same.
  • What is the difference between a consultation and a quotation;
  • Why she charges for an occupied home staging consultation;
  • How to understand where the money is in your home for sale;
  • Why home presentation is not about bringing in furniture or making the home look pretty;
  • Home presentation for sale is about making you money as a home seller;

Do you want home presentation that makes potential buyers afraid to sit on the couch, or one where you feel like this could be your buyer's home?

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