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Transform your passion into a profitable home staging business

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Transform your passion into a profitable business with the 'Home Staging Business Blueprint'

The 'Home Staging Business Blueprint' is a state of the art home staging immersion event and online program for those who want to blossom into successful Home Stagers from Day One. This exclusive educational experience is mentored by world renowned home stagers Tracey McLeod, Bobbie McGrath and Cindy Lin.

Starting from day one, you'll learn how to stage occupied homes with no inventory all the way up to building a successful six-figure occupied and/or vacant home staging business. During the 4-day home staging training event, you will also be personally guided by your mentors through the hands on selections, styling and staging of an actual property for sale. 

What is Home Staging?

There's a buzz amongst real estate agents and home sellers in cities and towns across Australia as they actively seek out specialists to bring their homes to life on the residential property market. The many terms used to describe this phenomenon such as, property styling, home staging, property staging, and home styling, are all interchangeable. They all mean the same thing. 

Home staging creates a powerful marketing tool that gives home sellers a competitive edge on the real estate market. More and more, home staging is becoming the crucial factor in house selling success.

Three basic types of home staging services exist:

  • professional consultation with home sellers,
  • full or partial presentation of an occupied home for sale, and
  • full or partial presentation of a vacant home for sale.

A growing number of visual marketing specialists are performing these unique in-home services. They are known as property stylists or home stagers.

Who is this exclusive mentoring opportunity for? 

Whether you are a part-time or full-time home stager, designer, decorator, renovator or real estate agent ready to branch into staging, or just love design and decor, this is for you! Only 55 live event places are available to those who are ready to achieve success.

The Blueprint can help you:

   Have confidence and direction from Day One

Refine your vision and dissolve doubt

Reinforce your personal strengths

  Improve sales and profitability

  Stimulate your creativity

  Craft a visionary and distinctive brand

  Quickly and effortlessly convert prospects

  Create raving fans and referrals

  Charge what you're worth

  Develop profitable partnerships

  Succeed more with less time and effort 

  Market your business with confidence and clarity

  Trust your instincts

Be mentored by an internationally acclaimed leadership team of Home Staging Experts

- Inspiring, Innovative, Experienced -

Our experts will walk you step-by-step through every aspect of creating your successful home staging business. They’ve been where you are and know exactly what you need to do to get to where you want to go. Your business blueprint is in safe hands.

With 33 years of collective home staging experience our Award Winning Home Staging Mentors have blazed a creative trail through all aspects of home staging internationally.

Currently based across three continents, Australia, the United States and Europe, our mentors have inspired many home sellers, aspiring home stagers and real estate agents to forge a new, empowering and innovative business path which redefines the old ways of selling real estate. They are fearless in the pursuit of excellence.

Meet Our Mentors

Tracey McLeod

Tracey has been recognised for professional excellence and superior skills in home staging as RESA Home Stager of the Year Int'l Finalist 2016; Finalist in 2018, 2017 and Winner 2016, 2015 of HIA Award for Property Stylist of the Year on Australia's Gold Coast.

Bobbie McGrath

Bobbie has been awarded by the Real Estate Staging Association as one of the Top Ten Occupied Home Stagers in the USA for 2016 and 2015. She has staged and/or consulted on 6,000 homes with over 200 real estate agents in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Cindy Lin

Photographer and stylist Cindy started home staging when she was 25 in San Francisco. After 12 years building a 6-figure, award-winning business, she now finds she makes a greater impact helping new home stagers build successful businesses.

What makes the 'Home Staging Business Blueprint' exceptional?

Discover an elite international home staging business model that redefines world's best practice.


Turning your business idea into a reality requires vision, clarity of thought, consistent action and a cohesive plan. Without guidance and support, starting a home staging business can be lonely, frustrating, and often, unsuccessful.

During the 12-month online home staging training course, we can help accelerate your growth and save you years of costly mistakes and unnecessary heartache.

If you are inspired to create change, then this is a blueprint for success.


This is a step-by-step blueprint for creating a successful home staging business in three phases:

  • 12-month Online Training
  • 4-day Immersion Event
  • Certification 


Gold Coast Live Event

What we teach can't be learned remotely or in an isolated learning environment. 

Combining a step-by-step home staging business course and online learning blueprint with hands-on styling experience in an intensive learning environment with world class trainers, is an invaluable foundation for your business success. 

Only 55 participants will be accepted.

Direct Access to Mentors

Have all of your 'Home Staging Business Blueprint' questions answered in the weekly lesson plans.

Get direct face-to-face access to your mentors during the 4-day IMMERSION EVENT on Australia's Gold Coast.

Be continually guided, challenged and inspired in our monthly Masterclasses that give you clarity around your most challenging issues throughout the year.

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Total Business Program

Your weekly lesson plans will contain comprehensive and detailed instruction in the following areas:

The Business of Staging

The 2-hour Consultation

Occupied Staging

Vacant Staging

More about the program

Applied Learning

Nothing beats guided hands-on experience to build your confidence and get you over your first hurdle: the in-home staging consultation.

Transform your very first houses using the sound principles you are learning at the in-house, immersion event and weekly and monthly mentoring. Get feedback on your business model and build practical credits toward certification.

Is it for me?


Elite Brand Alignment

Upon successfully completing the training modules, you may have an opportunity to become a CERTIFIED Presentation Sells' consultant.

For those who qualify, this means unique brand alignment, access to ongoing elite mentoring and a stream of potential clients through the Presentation Sells portal.

World Class Community

By surrounding yourself with the brightest and the best in home staging globally, you have ongoing access to a positive, vibrant and supportive community of home staging professionals who are encouraging you toward the successful achievement of your home staging business goals. 

What more could you ask for?


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