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The Home Staging Business Blueprint is for home staging enthusiasts who care about business success from Day One. 

What is the 'Home Staging Business Blueprint'?

The 'Home Staging Business Blueprint' is an elite 12-month online mentoring program with a bonus 4-day home staging immersion event for budding enthusiasts who want to blossom into successful Home Stagers from Day One. This exclusive educational experience is mentored by world renowned home stagers Tracey McLeod, Bobbie McGrath and Cindy Lin.

Starting from day one, you'll learn how to stage occupied homes with no inventory all the way up to building a successful six-figure occupied and/or vacant home staging business. During the 4-day LIVE home staging training event, you will be guided by your mentors through hands on selections, styling and staging of an actual property for sale. 

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It's Ideal for me because...

I care about people, I want to see my clients succeed, I don't judge people's taste, I am discreet and confidential, I love decor and design, I have compassion, I am grateful, I love to be inspired. Above all, I know I have an important job to do and refuse to remain an amateur in business or in life. I want to bring the joy of home staging into every home for sale and every home selling experience. I believe that inspired action beats hard work every day of the week. I will love what I do!

Already staging

Are you a creative who is already staging but may be going around in circles with the business side of the business? 

This is perfect for you if you are a positive and passionate person who feels isolated and unsure of how to move forward. You can develop better skills using the Blueprint. 

Design graduate

Are you a graduate, designer, decorator or visual merchandiser who can see that home staging is an emerging industry and you want in?

Experience can be one of the hardest things to obtain when you're first starting out, so home staging practice opportunities and hands on business training are built into the Blueprint. 

Corporate grind

Love decorating and into design but feel you're stuck on a treadmill going nowhere, while something bigger is calling you in life?

If you're here and can't shake off the feeling that things need to change then the Blueprint can help transition you from corporate to commercial success.

Allied industry

Do you see a need for home staging that is not being adequately fulfilled in your local community? 

Across Australia there are real estate agents, renovators, mortgage brokers, trades people and other professionals who want to take home selling to the next level. This program can help you.

Passionate about design

Is your first instinct to stage your own home, help friends and family and maybe start a home staging business down the track? 

If you have a 'today' goal of staging your own home for sale and are thinking of building that experience into a successful home staging career then we can help you do just that. 

Limited on time

Do you want to create a business you love around the people you love? 

This is not always easy, but we hear you! Family comes first. Having the option to build the business framework from the start allows you to graduate to hands-on in-home experiences as your confidence grows and your time allows.

Case Study

Cool Renovations

After renovating for a couple of years we came across home stager Tracey McLeod of Presentation Sells. We started to listen to Tracey and Bobbie McGrath on their weekly Home Sellers Q & A on Facebook; hour after hour, week after week soaking up all of the information. We were retraining our brains to think in a much smarter way. We look back now at our old renovations to discover how many ways we could have achieved an even better outcome in our home selling experience.

We understand how important it is to style to your target market, how to coordinate colours to achieve flow from one room to another; size and placement of rugs under furnishings, how vignettes tell a story, the “Power of 3” and, how to style a bed (not in the usual way!), just to name a few.

This gained knowledge has not only helped to increase our profit margins but we can now style a home ourselves confidently knowing we got it right, not just hoping we got it right.

Knowledge is power! We have invested over 100 hours of listening time to Tracey McLeod and Bobbie McGrath and their expert guests and this has been time well spent.

We would personally recommend Presentation Sells' training to anyone styling or staging their own home for sale or starting a business in staging; saving you many hours of time and expenditure. If there is one predominant theme that we could pass on:

Presentation really does sell!

Daniel and Melinda, Cool Renovations

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