Home Staging Business Blueprint

The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing. Walt Disney


The 'Home Staging Business Blueprint' Program

The Home Staging Business Blueprint is an elite 12-month 'state-of-the-art' home staging business training program for budding home stagers who want to blossom into successful home staging professionals.

This home staging business training program is not a 'short cut' to success. It is a comprehensive training program that gives you the proven principles and building blocks which, if used correctly, can help you create a successful home staging business.

Who is the 'Home Staging Business Blueprint' for?

You may be a designer or decorator who sees home staging or property styling as an emerging industry with the potential to bring immediate rewards.

You may want to work in an industry where you can choose your own hours and work around children and family.

You may be a mature person who is finally free to pursue your passion for decor, design and renovation.

You may work as a real estate agent, renovator or in a complementary profession and can see how home staging can enhance your existing business.

You may currently have a home staging business and see yourself going around in circles in your business. 

Then, YOU may be in the right place!

Experience The Program


Over 4 days, immerse yourself in how to create the ultimate client experience with some of the world's top home stagers. 

This is experiential learning at it's best. Learn how to speak to clients face-to-face, interview agents and select furniture, furnishings, art, accessories and florals. In addition, experience the artistry of home staging as we make selections, stage a vacant home, and explore art hanging and real estate photography together.


Crowne Plaza Gold Coast

Registration and welcome drinks:

Monday: 5pm - 7pm

Event Times:

Tuesday: 8.30am - 5pm

Wednesday: 8am - 5pm

Thursday: 6am - 9pm

Friday: 8am - 5pm

Dates to be announced.

We understand that this may not be for everyone*. Attending a 4+ day event requires commitment. In order to deliver excellence we are unable to provide this training module online, over less days, or on a weekend. This important face-to-face training component involves hands-on experiences and unique access to mentors and opportunities that are not available on weekends or in other parts of Australia at this time. 

*Only 55 places are available. 


We want to make success as easy as possible for you. Prosperity does not come overnight, it requires effort and energy and a burning desire to succeed. What HSBB does is to ensure you have the tools to get started on the right track from Day One.  

Our 12-month program includes the building blocks for success with easy step-by-step systems and processes that set your home staging business up right from the start. 

Many of the training exercises are one-offs that only need to be done once at an in-depth level. Other processes and practices are foundational. These are the success habits that will grow and develop along with you and your home staging business.


Home staging is an important marketing strategy for selling a home faster and for top dollar. HSBB helps you avoid stumbling blindly into homes for sale to help home sellers 'decorate'. As you will learn, professional home staging is so much more than this.

We really want you to deep dive with a safety net of practical knowledge and success principles. That's why we gently introduce you to homes for sale as soon as possible.

Credibility and confidence are essentials when mixing with home sellers, real estate agents, tradespeople and buyers. Being able to demonstrate the benefits of your home staging services can only be done successfully after you have experienced and understood your local market.


Certification under the Presentation Sells brand is the all-important jewel in the crown of your home staging business. We want you to stand tall as a Presentation Sells Certified Home Stager at the end of your 12-month training program. 

The assessment assignments follow seamlessly from your online and practical training and result in the level of branding and practical experience that your future clients would expect from an elite home staging service provider. 

Successful completion of your assessments and attainment of the coveted Presentation Sells Certification means you will never have to compete on price in a crowded marketplace of untrained stagers who lack the staging skills and business knowledge of a Presentation Sells' Certified stager. 

Designed for 

✓  Raw beginners

  Starter stagers

  Untrained stagers

  Creative people




  Home owners


  Real estate agents

  Adults who love decor and design

  Adults who love working with people

  Adults who struggle with the business side of creativity

✓  Adults who are fit enough to move furniture around without hurting themselves or others

It isn't the dreamers who have good lives - it's the doers. Remember also what I call the three P's of success: passion, planning, and perseverance.

New York Times Best Selling Author, Homer Hickam

Early Access 'Passion to Profit'  

We cannot stress the benefits of signing up early, especially when you are first learning home staging. Apart from the discounts available for early registrations, our introductory 'Passion to Profit' modules will help you to get the most out of the program and introduce you to our mentors from Day One. Once registered, we'll start streaming training to you to accelerate your home staging knowledge and skills.

We release easy-to-digest training modules each week to strengthen your personal, professional and practical development. Our aim is to monitor your progress so as not to overwhelm you, while at the same time ensuring you are moving forward with the training. 

Some modules will be freely available throughout the year, while others are released in our weekly emails. Once a module has been released, it remains available until December. 

You'll Get Support

This accreditation program has been designed specifically for your intake of trainees to complete within a specified time frame. We have developed the year-long training program so it can be successfully completed from late January to mid December.

The program is designed for you to easily complete each of the training modules in a fully supported environment featuring weekly emails and monthly live Masterclasses. Remember, help is always at hand. You can ask questions via email, comment below each module, and post in the closed group.

Presentation Sells is honoured to have licensed the training programs of our world class mentors Cindy Lin and Bobbie McGrath throughout Australia exclusively for our trainees to use up to December. In addition to this, we have enlisted another 15 Australian business mentors to provide skill specific training modules in areas such as design, sales and business success.

The program is designed to accommodate your busy lifestyle. Trainees who sign up early have immediate access to introductory modules and more time to learn within the program. 

In the Home Staging Business Blueprint, not only will you receive step-by-step training, but you’ll also receive the tools, resources and support you need for success. 

You’ll have access to a community of your peers providing inspiration and feedback. We structure our community to promote fast access - so you can get in, get what you need, and get things done! 

Lastly, you’ll have the support of our team. Your success and satisfaction are our priority, and we’re here to answer your questions, point you to the tools you need to reach your goals, and support you along the way.

How much time should I commit?

Life can easily get in the way of your passion. This course is designed to propel you forward with continuous support over a 12-month period. 

To ensure success, we suggest you allocate a minimum of one day per week to your Home Staging Business Blueprint success. Our aim is to get your business up and running and successful as soon as possible. 

Remember, the training modules are time sensitive. We want you to succeed so it's important that you know now that no extensions can be given past December. 

The more time you allocate throughout the program year (we recommend one day per week), the more prepared you will be when you are ready to launch your home staging business. Sign up early for immediate access to training. 

Core Training Streams

It's important that you do something every day to fuel your passion.

There are three overall Streams to the 'Home Staging Business Blueprint'. These can be summed up as Personal, Professional and Practical development. The online training modules follow a natural progression that answers the question, "What is the next logical step?"


We invest in your success as a home stager by getting you started in a positive and powerful way from the very beginning. Managing your expectations is important as you delve into this new business adventure. We help you plot the path ahead with the right mindset from the start. 


Having a home staging business does not mean that you will spend all of your time styling. This is because you are also responsible for setting up the marketing, financial and operations for your business. We help you during the start up phase to set it up right.


One of the top challenges for home staging entrepreneurs is to learn how to talk to real estate agents, tradespeople, home owners and home sellers in a language they can understand. This takes practice and we give you the confidence you need with practical exercises.





Profitable Progress

We have invested over 100 hours of listening time to Tracey McLeod and Bobbie McGrath and their expert guests and this is time well spent.

As home renovators we are so excited that Bobbie McGrath and Cindy Lin have joined forces with Tracey McLeod to present the Home Staging Business Blueprint, bringing a combined depth of knowledge that is unprecedented in Australia. 

Daniel Fulthorp & Melinda Spencer, Cool Renovations, Gold Coast Australia


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You'll Be Guided, Supported and Connected

You may already have a home staging business and are feeling swamped or unsure of what to do next - we've got your back. Once you join HSBB, you’ll have the mentoring and support systems to help you achieve greater clarity around the next logical steps for your business.

📥 15 Australian Business Experts

Join our business experts from the fields of design, sales, finance, marketing, real estate, insurance, online marketing, contract law, renovation, team building, accounting, bookkeeping and business structures. 


💡 Live Masterclasses

Live Monthly Masterclasses with top Australian business professionals offering specialist skills to make your business excel in the your local marketplace. 


🎫 Live Monthly Q & A

Every monthly Masterclass is followed by a Live Q & A with the presenters, so that you can ask us questions about the course content for greater clarity and understanding.


🤹🏻‍♀️ Practical Exercises

You can't sell a secret so we will gently push you out of the classroom and onto the streets of your local area in search of in-depth insights into your local real estate market. 


📈 Assessments

To make sure you are implementing successfully, you will be invited to submit two accreditation assessments. These closely follow the course content. One is due July and the other in December. 


💥 Community

Being part of a world class community means access to peer and mentor support throughout the period of the traineeship. In our private support area you can ask questions, share ideas, get feedback and connect. 


💝 Giving

To celebrate your registration in the course we will help provide housing for highly vulnerable and underprivileged families by donating funds to Habitat for Humanity. Our aim is to provide two completed homes for families overseas. 




The Master Modules

To assist you in mastering your personal home staging business blueprint, we have brought together a core training program that accesses our extensive 'brains trust' of home staging, residential real estate, design and decor, finance and home renovation experts. 

Internationally revered home staging trainer Cindy Lin features heavily throughout the setting up and early execution of the master modules. The brilliance of top ten US home stager Bobbie McGrath features in training you in how to create a six-figure income with no furniture or furnishings.

Only you can decide if the program is the right fit for you so here's an overview of the eight master modules. In addition, our comprehensive library of bonus training videos offers wide ranging topics for home staging business success. 


Personal and People Mastery

You'll start with an understanding of who you are and where you are at. Here we get to unblock and unpack to prepare for success ahead. Our goal is for your to begin building success habits immediately and to understand who your clients are and what they really want from you.


Mastering Your Systems

Systems are super sexy once you set them up. Setting up systems can seem tedious when all you want to do is jump into styling homes for sale. The good news is you only need to set up once and they will keep working for you leaving you time for more fun stuff down the track. 


Marketing Mastery

This is a foundational module for creating a successful business.  As an entrepreneur you will be constantly marketing your business. We want you to make the most of your precious time and budget with proven and sustainable relationship building techniques that work. 


Finance and Ops Mastery

A lot of us have blocks around money and finance, so asking for payment can be a major challenge as you build your business. We have a framework for creating financial and management information systems that give you the knowledge to make better operational decisions.


Mastering Consultations

Top home stager Bobbie McGrath personally trains you in six masterclasses and live Q & A sessions on the staging consultation. With 18 hours of content, Bobbie, gives you the tools to kick start a thriving home staging business without costly outlays.


Sales Mastery

Your marketing efforts are only valid if you are capable of converting those enquiries into business. Our objective is to provide you with the ability to find more quality sales leads and the means to convert them into long-term paying customers who come back and refer others.


Visual Mastery

Your skills in decor, design and spatial planning are on display every time you walk into a seller's home. Our goal is to prepare you for finding the money in every room by understanding basic layout and design, furniture placement, colour psychology, and the use of art and mirrors.


Mastering Next Year

We celebrate the joy of our first year together and congratulate your successes. We then detail what your next 12 months should look like for continued success. We also provide options of how to develop your business building as an alumni of the Home Staging Business Blueprint. 

Join Us

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Bonus Business Training Sessions

In addition to the eight master modules, you’ll get advanced trainings and Masterclasses to further develop your design and business skills.


Personality Profiling

Every trainee is professionally profiled. We work through each of the personality types with the aim of developing a clear understanding of why you love to do some tasks but resist others and how to get all tasks completed. You'll learn how to work in ‘flow’ to be happy, productive and successful.




Living by Design

There's a common mathematical ratio and number sequence found in nature that's been in use for 4,000 years or more in art and design. Known as the Golden Mean, it's observed in music, art, nature, and design. It's all around us, even in our DNA. Here's how to harness these proportions in your home staging business. 




Unpacking Adwords

(and other saucy internet speak)

Do terms like ‘keywords’, or even worse ‘negative keywords’, make you go into a cold sweat? Here we mentor trainees in how to speak the language of Google and still come out on top (meaning page one in Google business searches in your location).




Becoming the Area Expert

This is legwork that really pays off! The secret to your success in becoming the area expert is your persistence in gathering the right data and knowing how to talk to industry players in your business area. This only needs to be done in-depth once. Learn how to get your intel right from the start!




Marketing To Agents

Find out the best ways to build lasting relationships with your partner agents. We learn how many touch points you should have when marketing your business to agents and what strategies are best for attracting newer agents to your process.




Top Ten Home Improvements

Which low-cost home improvements bring the highest dollar return? Knowing which activities to recommend to clients, and which to avoid, is 'gold' when it comes to creating a great client experience.




Colour Psychology

We dive into the colour wheel and the meanings of common colours used on walls, furniture, accessories and art. You will uncover the hidden colour meanings, their cultural significance and how to use them for selling success. 



And still more...

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All you need is the plan, the road map, and the courage to press on to your destination.


- Earl Nightingale


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