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The 'Five Biggest Home Improvement Money Spinners' brings together the research and reality of home presentation for selling and delivers the top five low cost home improvements with the best return on investment at sale. Get started today!


Unlock The Gold To Get Your Home Sold

The Home Sellers’ Survival Guide To Preparing, Presenting and Profiting While Living In Your Home For Sale.


Home selling is widely reported to  be one of the most stressful life events, but it doesn't have to be. One of the mains stressors home sellers face is having to constantly prepare their home to ‘show-ready’ status. It's because we imagine having to drop everything at a moment’s notice to race around the house squeezing things into tight spaces while hurrying the kids and pets out the front door so your agent can showcase your ‘picture perfect’ home? Perfection is not the secret to home presentation for selling success.


In this online property presentation training program for home sellers, I have outlined how to transform your home to make the selling process simpler and more empowering. You may not believe it’s possible right now. That’s only natural given that almost every home seller starts to see flaws in their home from the start of the home presentation process. Your home for sale is unique. Your job is to highlight your home’s ‘gold’ even with all her flaws. Your goal is not to compete. It is to stand above the sea of sameness that is the real estate market and to connect with your ideal buyer.


The 'Gold-Class Property Presentation Program' is a swift and simple online training solution that transforms you into a smart and savvy seller. Start by previewing what is on offer. Then apply this knowledge as you prepare your space for sale. Once completed, I will guide you in presenting the home. If you adopt this 3-pronged approach, your home will do you proud at sale.


This method avoids regurgitated to-do lists, simplistic solutions and reality TV drama. It proudly flies in the face of common practice, yet everyone who uses it to transform their home for sale significantly improves their return on investment. They are proud to present their homes, they look forward to open inspections. And they know a good offer when they see one.


- Tracey McLeod, Presentation Sells



"We have no doubt whatsoever that the value of our home increased by 10's of thousands of $$'s."

- Judy & Henk Siennicki, Home Sellers

"We were guided every step of the way from choosing paint colours to accessories."

– Carolyn Broomfield, AirBnB

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Unlock The Gold To Get Your Home Sold

Get insider secrets on home presentation for sale by Tracey McLeod, multi award winning real estate stylist.

This is your opportunity to receive the real secrets to home presentation for sale from the source. Home Sellers transform their homes for sale using the visual marketing techniques needed to create a top dollar sale.



Home Staging Business Breakthroughs

Monthly insights into building a business as an expert home stager.

For those who are serious about becoming a home staging professional. Your favourite home staging duo, Tracey McLeod and Bobbie McGrath, are back with LIVE Business Breakthrough sessions and Q&As. This is the budget starter program for the much anticipated Home Staging Business Blueprint program.


Six essentials that Unlock the Gold To Get Your Home Sold

This FREE 3-part video series with multi award winning home stager Tracey McLeod reveals why you deserve top dollar at sale and how to get it.


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